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WordPress 2.7 Is Out … Worthwhile Upgrading?

WordPress Upgrading
Written by Kelvin

Hey folks,

WordPress 2.7 has just been released and the new look of the dashboard is much better than the old one in my opinion.

Looks a lot more professional and might I say yummy?

Here are the new features of WordPress 2.7:

* XMLRPC Comments API (Ticket 7446)
* Keyboard shortcuts for comment moderation (Ticket 7643)
* Sticky Posts (Ticket 7457)
* Theme update api, like we do for plugins (Ticket 7519)
* Dashboard and write box rearranging (write box in trunk)
* One-click plugin installs (Ticket 6015)
* Reply to comments from admin (Ticket 7435)
* Core updating (Ticket 5560)
* Frame-like method for moderating ping/trackbacks
* Plugin browser embedded (Ticket 6015)
* PHPXref hosted on
* Separate Large and Full image sizes, related improvements (Ticket 7151)
* Comment threading (Ticket 7635)
* Comment paging
* Batch and inline editing (Ticket 6815)
* HTTPOnly cookies
* Column hiding for all management pages
* Post box hiding for all edit pages
* Upgrades and install over SFTP
* Template Tag wp_page_menu wrapper for wp_list_pages and support for Home page (Ticket 7698)

Download it here

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