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The Basic Niche Marketing Blueprint!

Niche Marketing Blueprint
Written by Kelvin

Ok, there are literally tons of different niche marketing blueprints out there as there are internet marketers but what I wanted to share with you is the basic outline of most niche marketing blueprints out there.

Here we go …

1) Identify a niche (Preferably a proven one so that you don’t waste your time and money)
2) Do niche and keyword research (To see if people are willing to spend in this particular niche)
3) Building a site or blog around the niche
4) Add content (Either by outsourcing or generating your own content)
5) Monetize it (Either with adsense and / or affiliate and / or your own products and / or CPA offers)
6) Add more content and build links
7) Drive traffic, drive traffic, drive traffic!

Ok fellas, back to work …

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... has been involved with internet marketing for over 10 years and loves to empower fellow internet marketers in the areas of Mindset, Business, Product, Traffic & Conversion!

Enjoy your stay and feel free to get in touch with me here to provide an input, ask a question or simply to connect! =)

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  • You make it seem so easy but it is a lot of work! I am just thinking about when I started blogging and saw articles like this that made me think it was a walk in the park when it isn’t really.

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