Solo Ads, Funnel Clicks & Clickbanking Blacklist

Hi friends,

Do avoid associating with the following people on FaceBook, etc for the purposes of buying solo ads, funnel clicks or as a clickbanking partner.

It’s not worth risking your money or time on people who have bad reputation when there’s so many other good traffic sources that have proven track records.

A – M

Carol Bradley / Craig Baldwin / Daniel Moore ( /
Benjamin Hames

Ilana Shuster Solos
Jacob Joshua (Tks to heads up from Tim Php)
Jeff Casmer
Jorge L. Ortiz (Tks for heads up from Duncan Flynn)
Kathleen Nicole Hall
Kurt Wallis (
Liz C Hall (
Marius Kumža (Tks for heads up from Duncan Flynn)
Mervyn Daw (

N – Z

Nofar Mizrachi / Nofar Mizrachi / Nofar Mizrachi solos
Oscar Rojas (skype name – oscar_r33)
Rodrigo Villanueva
Ruben Rojas Juarez
Sam Solos Smith (Could also be Tom Kent)
Steven Corey
Tammy C Quin Jack (Tks for heads up from Brandon Sean)
Victor Garcia

Have got other people to highlight? Let me know WITH proof / justification.

Thank you!

P.S. Basic checklist to help with due diligence will be put up and linked here in due course …

Last Updated: 23rd June 2015

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