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Nearly got cheated by … a slick Solo Ad Provider!

Nearly Got Cheated
Written by Kelvin

Good day!

Just wanted to share an experience I just had less than an hour ago when dealing with a particular solo ad provider.

He offered exceptionally good rates and even went so much to do everything I requested him for.

When suddenly, I decided to do my due diligence and check him out on good old Google and found out bad reports about him (and his partner).

I then asked him: “You got any video testimonials?”

He said: “Not yet. those are hard to coordinate”

I replied: “I think I just got an impression from my God that you are not legit”

He then replies with: “ worries. this is just a SoloAd service not a religeon”

This was followed by:

Me: “Do the righteous thing! I’m not preaching here.”

Him: “religion. its just a Solo Ad service”

Long story short, don’t be hasty in purchasing any service if it sounds too good to be true without doing proper due diligence, etc.

And if you’re someone who happen to cheat on your customers with your products & services, please … STOP!

Though you may make quick riches, they don’t last.

You’ll make FAR much more in the long term doing the right thing and be thoroughly happy & fulfilled in the process.

Peace out.

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  • Hi Michael,

    Tks for your question :)

    To keep it very simple, to tell whether it’s a good list or not depends on the engagement level you’re getting in your funnel & also whether any sales resulted.

    Having said this, it’s only 1 side of the equation.

    The funnel that you’re sending opt-in traffic into must have proven, good converting offers as well.

    Trust that assists :)

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