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Increase Internet Income
Written by Kelvin

For most of us, I believe it’s not so much an issue of not knowing what to do but rather, an issue of not doing enough of what we know.

You see … I believe that those who are really hitting the jackpot tend to …

(one or more of the following)
* have more quality products for sale
* have a more established name and authority in the marketplace
* know how to outsource more effectively
* run more pay-per-click campaigns
* have better seo knowledge and application
* write, produce and submit more articles to more directories
* produce and submit more videos on more video sites
* have more listings on directories, auctions and online classifieds (e.g Craigslist, Gumtree, USFreeAds, eBay, etc)
* have bigger and more responsive lists (i.e quantity and quality)
* have better copywriting skills
* have better graphics, sales copy and webpages
* offer more services in the marketplace
* provide better support to prospective and existing clients
* create better and more unique content and websites (for adsense, site-flipping, etc)
* look for better JV partners more often
* spend more time on income producing activities

ABOVE ALL ELSE, they take MORE MASSIVE ACTION than the majority.

Hope this helps and blesses you! (With this post, i’m speaking to myself much more than to others)

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