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Even real estate agents are blogging … what about you?

Real Estate Agents Blogging
Written by Kelvin

Yesterday evening I had a chance to have dinner with a real estate marketing director and found out from him that he had started his blog site with and had started to put his real estate listings on the site. How interesting!

He told me that he needed to catch up like how everyone else has and that if he doesn’t have a site, he might lose out in the long run. Makes sense (cents) to me …

So if people like real estate agents are blogging … what about you? Have you started one yet? =)

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  • My husband and I maintain a couple of blogs. The first was started in 2004. Blogging is the next big thing (even though they have been around for many years) to hit the internet. Now everyone has a blog. Realtors are just late to the party. I’m also adding a blog to my main website as well in a few weeks. Now that Vista has a reader built in blogs will become a necessity.

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