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ClickBank with Adwords – Profitable?

Clickbank Adwords Profitable
Written by Kelvin

Hi all,

Some time ago (was just 3 weeks ago in fact), I made a post titled ClickBank Commissions. Well, I just want to take this time to:

1) Update you on how I’m doing with affiliate marketing on ClickBank and

2) ClickBank with Adwords … and whether that’s profitable (in my case at least).

To start off, take a look at this screenshot:

I’ve been doing ok so far in my 1st month of ClickBank affiliate marketing (i’ve done aff marketing before … just not with CB) with the highest on any single day being $70. Not much but decent to say the least. *I know that’s snigger-able for some of you big fishes out that*

Anyways, today was an absolute breakthrough. I got back from church with a friend mid afternoon and when I logged in to my account, I nearly fell off the chair. God be my witness!

Not because I did not think it was possible to achieve that much in a day, heck … some people hit $5000++ in a day. But because it was more than twice I’ve ever achieved on a single day over the last 3 weeks.

I’m definitely on track to hit at least $1k within my first 30 days with Clickbank so that has to be good. But it certainly can get better.

For those that are starting out or have started out for some time and have not seen much for your results so far, I hereby encourage you to stay the course and keep your eyes on the prize. Whatever you’re doing (be it article marketing, craigslist, videos, pay per click, yakety yakety), keep at it for at least a little while longer.

Hope this little post has been interesting for you all. For those using Adwords, I strongly suggest that you check this software out. It’s a power tool I promise ya. (For what it’s worth, I think non PPC guys could use this out as well because it helps you look for little and untapped niches).

Tell ya what … for those that actually do get the tool via the link above, contact me and I’ll give you a little hand at starting out.

Thanks be to God for my decent results so far. Cheers all! =)

P.S Many of my sales (not all) are coming via Adwords and my ROI is approximately 3 to 1 so far. As I’ve said earlier, the tool I’m using is an awesome help.

An Update on 21st Feb (my local time):

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  • Ah darn it Kelvin you got me! I thought i was on the right track when i made over $100 in a week but you’ve outdone me. To add insult to injury the product i was promoting became unprofitable once google decided to hmm make me raise my cpc.
    If you have time maybe we could do a little brainstorm session. It turns out however that you know a lot more than i do…

  • Hi Zoul,

    Hehehe … I see you’ve been “stalking” me.

    Maybe you can see what you can do to increase your QS and also decrease your cpc somehow?

    P.S Are you somewhere in Gaithersburg?
    P.P.S Things have gotten better. Check out the additional screenie I’ve added. :D (Come on buddy, catch up!)

    Cheers mate,

  • Huh yeah lol i’m stalking you.
    Actually after i read one of your posts i don’t remember which one i decided that hey i’ll just try to out do Kelvin and i thought i was going to win this month but :-P.
    What makes you think i leave in Gaithersburg? Do you have some spying tools? I actually live in Rockville pretty close to Gaithersburg.
    Careful buddy don’t try to like whack me with your clickbank check, i’ll counter attack

  • Hehehe … nah. It’s just that I’m interested to know where my comments are coming from.

    Come on buddy … counter attack please. It would help us both!

    All the best matey!

    P.S I guess it’s the post where I talked about my first Clickbank commissions?

  • Congrats to you on finding such success within your first month! Where are you from? Are you from Singapore?

  • Excellent post and an awesome blog. I wish I had found your site earlier. You’ve got a phenominal layout and design. Kudos!

    Kind regards,

  • I should really check Clickbank out…not bad for a first month…

    Google though has really priced a lot of people out of the market!

  • Hey Kelvin,

    Glad to hear you’re doing well on your website marketing. I haven’t done much on affiliate marketing myself but will definitely get into it.

    By the way, your site looks good… we’ve got pretty much the same theme. I’m almost finished on fixing my theme up. Just having trouble with the sidebars.

    Do you mind if I ask how you fixed yours? I tried to use the fix from 4wptp download page but couldn’t get it right.

    I noticed you’ve been in Australia before. I myself am based here. Perhaps, next time you’re over – we can catch up and exchange ideas.

    Have a good one mate!


  • Hi mate,

    Thanks for the compliment. Which sidebars are you referring to? (left? right?)

    I don’t remember using any fixes. What I did was went into the backend and spent a lot of time hacking codes. (I love doing that)

    Where are you based in Australia? Brissie? Sydney? Melb?

    Kelvin =)

  • Kelvin,

    It’s my 2 right sidebars that keeps playing up. Whatever I do to the 2nd sidebar also shows on the 3rd. There apparently was a fix to it but I still can’t get it to work.

    Your site looks good – done some good hacking indeed.

    By the way, am based in the Gold Coast.


  • Oh crap i lost the challenge. My campaigns became more or less unprofitable. So i’m taking a tiny break right now and revise my method.
    I wonder if i should stop the direct linking strategy all together…
    Maybe some tips from Mr Chan could help :-P

  • Easy now buddy … diversification is key. Don’t put all your eggs into one basket.

    If direct linking has been working for you, keep it on for a bit longer (it still is working for me).

    But right about now, I’m gathering traffic to hit my landing pages (which i created today).

    Keep me posted mate! ;)

  • Hello,

    I am promoting the above clickbank website
    but google adwords keeps suspending my
    account for landing page violations.

    Is it possible to promote using google

    Thanks in Advance,

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