Are you subscribed to too many mailing lists …? Here’s how you can tell …

Too Many Mailing Lists
Written by Kelvin

Hi friends,

I suspect a lot of us are subscribed to too many mailing lists.

Are you one of them?

And if you’re not sure, how do you tell?

Simple …

Be completely objective about this one and ask yourself if you’re overwhelmed by information from 30, 40 or even 70++ sources or gurus (you name it).

Put another way, is all this email reading taking precious time away from you taking action?

To put things into perspective, I’ve got a close friend who’s been sucking information ravenously over the last 24 months or more and I’m definitely sure he’s knows much more than the average IMer here and yet, he’s still hardly breaking $50/month (can you believe this?)

One of the principles I keep sharing with friends is this …


Start taking action and be a producer rather than a consumer.

Start being the player on the field rather than a watcher.

Closely related to my original point, it’s my belief that we should be hungry for action rather than hungry for info.

Often times the truth is that we don’t need to know THAT MUCH in order to move forward and proceed.

Ok, enough said.

Hope this aids some of you ahead of 2010.

Have a good one fellas! :)

P.S. Be on a low info diet and keep IT simple!

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  • I got a folder that redirects the tonnes and tonnes of email lists I am in case I will look at them (maybe one day, has not come yet).

    I agree with you on creating instead of consuming. I find it interesting that some of the BIGGEST guys I personally know will be like who is Frank Kern? I have never actaully opened a email by him…they create there own path.

    I am guilty of information overload myself, however am working on reducing it.


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