A Little About Kelvin Chan

Hi buddy! =) *waves*

(Yep, that’s me!)

This is a short writeup about myself and it’s up here for 2 main, simple reasons.

Reason #1:
I want to make myself known to you. To let you know I’m a real person with a real family with real struggles and real successes (more on that shortly!)

Reason #2:
Emails from people I know personally are the only emails I really want to receive.

And in this age where people are increasingly cold and self-centered, it’s high time to bring the warmth of relationships back into the fore while at the same time, making our every moment online productive and fruitful.

Now … information alone is not going to help you make money, or have any success online. There is just way too much information out there.

For you to have the success you want and desire, you need to get the right information from a reliable source.

So let me put it to you this way…

Right, proven information from someone you trust! :)

What I quickly made a decision about when I got on someone’s email list is whether I can trust them or not.

The questions I would ask myself are…

1) Who is this person?
2) What are their values? What do they stand for?
3) Their internet marketing story (Struggles and successes)?

With these, allow me to share a bit of myself so I am not just another name on a computer screen.

The reason I am giving you my story is I feel I have some amazing strategies that could impact & change your life. And I am going to do all I can for you to read them and then take action on those strategies.

Who Am I & What’s My Story

So if you missed out on it before … my name is Kelvin. What’s yours? :)

Am married to my awesome wife and we’ve got a beautiful 15 month old daughter.

(With my lovely wife and daughter … my biggest blessings!)

For most of my life, I’ve been based in Singapore and first got into internet marketing  right in the year 1999 (if my memory serves me right). Love marketing and personal development and have been to many different seminars (including Anthony Robbins’ program). =)

Now the first income I generated came during the time when people were paid to surf. (AllAdvantage will ring a bell if you’re familiar and around then)

Since then, I’ve created many different websites (the 1st website I sold to a Japanese made me US$6k), ran online services, created quite a few digital products and generated income via many different ways.

Have made tons of income (5 figures) before from putting up videos on YouTube and other popular video sites through affiliate marketing (selling other people’s products and making a commission each time the product was sold through me).

I’ve generated web traffic before using both free and paid methods and I understand many of the things that people who are new go through and the many challenges they face such as:
– Information overload
– Mindset issues
– Traffic generation woes
– Product creation and development, conversion techniques and so on and so forth.

Trust me … I’ve been burnt before, had tons of struggles before trying to make it work for me. Whatever I just mentioned, I’ve been through it before so fret not. Am here to walk this journey with ya :)

Have had quite a few mentors to date as well.

(Having a picture with Stephen Pierce having an internet marketing seminar event in 2008)

Just to share, one of the easiest times in which I made income was putting up a simple text ad on Google Adwords for a particular product that taught people “How To Run Their Car With Water”.

I could go on and on just sharing my experiences but I’ll leave them for another time.

Now let’s talk about YOU … (Because quite honestly, I’m here to bring you value and want to help you start making your first $1, $100, $1000 or even $5000 in your next 28 days.)

(Some of my checks from ClickBank and Google!)

Some of you will be able to pick things up very quickly while others will take a bit more time but as long as you keep at it, learn my proven strategies and apply it, it won’t be long before you make your VERY 1st DOLLAR.

When it happens, it’s one of the most memorable and thrilling experiences you can have (many other internet marketers speak fondly of making their first dollar online).

Once again, I’m here for you and let’s chat soon!

Be Your Best NOW,
Kelvin Chan

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So... what do YOU think? :)

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