3 Keys To Exploding Results

3 Keys To Exploding Results
Written by Kelvin

I was just discussing with a friend yesterday and because he is greener than I am, I thought I might share with him (which I actually did) what has worked for me so far all these months and years.

And … because I thought about you guys, I’ve also decided to share it here.

With most productive actions (e.g marketing, copywriting) that you take while doing internet marketing, there are 3 keys that you must bear in mind and actually apply if you wanted to explode your results.

Here they are …

1 – Leverage It

Yes … leverage whatever you do (when possible).

Example 1: Suppose you do article marketing and have written an article that’s ready to be submitted to your favorite article directory. Instead of just submitting to that one article directory, why not submit them to several of the most popular and buzzing article directories out there? You’ve already written your article so it won’t take much more time submitting that article to a few more directories.

Example 2: If you love creating videos, instead of just submitting to the world’s most popular video site (it’s YouTube in case you’ve been living in a cave all these while), try submitting them to other video sites like LiveVideo, Google Video, Break.com, etc

Tip: MetaCafe gets me LOTS of views (Shhh…)

Tip: If you can stumble it or digg it, do it! (This gets you trickles or tsunamis loads of more traffic depending on how you do it)

Tip: If you feel your blog post has value, why not submit it to article directories as well?

2 – Automate It

If you’ve been doing internet marketing for a while and is observant enough, you would know some of your most common and repetitive actions. If these take up too much of your time and can be automated (or semi-automated) in some way, you should definitely do so. This would save you loads of time, effort and $$$ in the long run.

Example: Article or Video Submission comes to mind. There are loads more though.

3 – Outsource It

Oh yes … this is one key you CANNOT do without if you want to do well online. No man is an island and as far as I do recall, I’ve never seen anyone who can master coding, graphics, sales copy, traffic generation, SEO, keyword research, pay per click marketing, et cetera all in one go. Sure you may know a bit of each of them but that only makes you a Jack … (you know the rest, don’t ya?)

For Pete’s sake and for your sake, please outsource tasks that:

1) You don’t do well in

2) You dislike doing

3) You have no time for

Granted … outsourcing may cost you some money upfront but almost always, it makes for a wiser bet.

Phew … I’m glad I’m done with sharing these pointers with ya. Hope you enjoyed them.

Feel free to share your comments or experience with the rest if you like to.

God Bless! =)

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  • Ah thanks for the metacafe tip i would have never thought of it. Well i would have done it eventually. Did you by any chance try traffic geyser? They automate the submission of movies to different places.

    Outsourcing is on my to do list… i just need to have a good foundation before i begin..

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